Worship Guitar 101 — Summer 2012 Classes!

Worship Guitar 101 was offered in the Summer of 2012.  The main goal of this class is to teach the basics of playing the guitar in the context of worship.  In this 4 week class, we cover basic chords, tuning, strumming, the use of the capo, bar chords, and more.

Week 1 

Download Manual: WorshipGuitar101Week1

Here is our week 1 of our 4 week Worship 101 series. We studied the basics of guitar, learned how to down strum and learned 4 chords including G, Em, C and D. We also learned 2 songs including Blessed Be Your Name and All I Have.

Week 2

Download Manual: WorshipGuitar101Week2

Here is week 2 of our 4 week Worship 101 series. We learned about the order of notes on the guitar and how it connects to the order of chords. We also learned 5 chords include E, C#m, A, B and F#m. Finally we learned 3 new songs including Grace Like Rain, Let It Rain and You Won’t Relent.

Week 3

Download Manual: WorshipGuitar101Week3

Here is week 3 of our 4 week Worship series. We learned how to use a capo and how a capo related to the order of notes. Next we learned to tune the guitar by ear, how to strum with accents and strum in 6 beats. Finally we learned 3 songs using the capo including Our God is Greater, How He Loves and Break Every Chain.

Week 4

Download Manual: WorshipGuitar101Week4

This is week 4 or 4 (our last week) of our Worship 101 series. We reviewed all the chords from weeks 1, 2 and 3, then learned the last 2 open chords, including Am and F. We also learned how to play Am7 and the regular C chord (different from the C2/C9 chord from week 1). Also, we learned how to play barre chords using the E-shape, Em-shape, A-shape and the Am-shape and we used the order of notes to understand how to find and play the other barre chords on the guitar that use these shapes. Finally we learned how to play 4 more worship songs including, One Things Remains, Mighty to Save, Beautiful and As Children.

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